The office' mission :

The office advises

Professional of the advice, the office is able to ascertain des possibilities of projects’ implementation in the strict respect of regulations in all the law’s field (business law, fiscal law, insurance law, banking law, transports law, family law, environment law, mining law, etc.)

It assists legal entities or natural persons within agreements’ conclusion or in pre- contentious phase, in the search for negotiated solutions.

The Office drafts

Conventions’ loyalty, requirements of perfect information on the scope and the nature of obligations entered into, as well as the agreement’s efficiency constitute essential principles, implemented by the Office in drafting all private agreement

The Office defends

On the occasion of any dispute susceptible to have an amicable solution, the Office can, with its customer’s agreement, take the initiative in order to ensure his interests’ best defense.

Lastly, when a sole contentious solution is envisageable, it presents and pleads, both in first instance and in appeal, and before all courts of the judiciary order including the High Court, as well as before or jurisdictional organisms, and before all arbitral courts.

The Office guarantees to its contracting parties:

 The precision of maximal performance in the procedures and cases’ treatment
 Total respect of professional secret